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Counterfeit money and meth ring suspect arrested

Posted in Misc Crime August 26th, 2010 @ 11:41 am

Recently, after a year-long investigation, Longmont, Colorado police arrested Rebecca Ingles for passing more than 125 fake $20 bills over the past year. She also was charged with meth possession.

However, she may be just the beginning of people charged in a counterfeit money ring. The police think that there may be more people involved. Police believe that over 200 counterfeit bills have been entered into the economy in Longmont, Colorado.

The police know for sure that Ingles passed the money at places such as McDonald’s, area gas stations and 7-11’s. She would by low-priced items with the twenty dollar bill and get back real money which she would funnel back into her drug habit and a meth ring. The meth organization is working from Denver up to Fort Collins.

Counterfeit money is getting harder to tell because these criminal are getting better at counterfeiting the twenty dollar bills. However, here are few tips to know if your twenty dollar bill is fake: the fine scroll lines on the border of a genuine bill are sharp. On the fake, the lines are blurred. The serial numbers on the twenty dollar are evenly spaced. Not so with the fake. They may even be discolored. Finally, look for the watermark, it should look exactly like the picture.

Ingles is in the Boulder County Jail and faces 15 or more years behind bars. Investigators continue to look for the other people involved.

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