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California getting tough on sex offenders

Posted in Sex Offenders August 9th, 2010 @ 1:16 pm

According to Fox40 news, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has issued an order to get tougher on sex offenders running away from supervision. A public alert system is currently being designed that will alert the public as well as police when a sex offender cuts off their satellite tracking devices to commit new crimes.

This system will use social media, web sites, RSS feeds to alert the public. The system will be designed to cover a number of platforms such as Smart Phones, Roadside Billboards and Social Networking sights.

According to law enforcement reports, parolees have cut off their ankle bracelets as many as 60 times a month with most of them being sex offenders. More than 7,000 prison parolees now wear satellite tracking bracelets as mandated by Jessica’s Law. However, this represents just a fraction of the more than 80,000 registered sex offenders in California.

This new public alert system is on the fast track to be designed and implemented within a couple of weeks. This may seem like information overload but when it comes to protecting our kids and the public, it can’t come fast enough.

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