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Criminal unhappy with his robbery

Posted in Stupid Criminals August 4th, 2010 @ 10:51 am

This is one for the ungrateful, stupid criminal file. A robber in Atlanta, GA robbed a Wendy’s at gunpoint recently. It seems that he wasn’t happy with his heist.

He was wearing a ski mask and holding a gun when he walked up to the drive-through window demanding money. He only got away with $586 from the drive-through window. Maybe he should have gone in and ordered his bag of money instead of going through the drive-through.

As a result, this bold, brazen, stupid criminal called the Wendy’s twice to complain that he didn’t get enough of money and next time they should have more money for him when he comes to rob them.

Police are still looking for the robber. He has to be one of the stupid criminals of the week.

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