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Sexual predators and cell phones

Posted in Sex Offenders July 27th, 2010 @ 2:27 pm

Criminal sexual predators are getting smarter these days. They no longer are using computers to communicate with kids. Instead they are using cell phones, primarily texting features to stalk our kids.
Recently, a seventeen year old girl found out that her “friend” was a thirty year old sexual predator communicating with her via her cell phone.

The girl and the predator texted a lot and seemed to have much in common. When she received naked pictures of the man, she was afraid to tell her parents. Eventually, he showed up at her school and this is when her parents stepped in. They signed up for My Mobile Watchdog. This is a surveillance program that monitors her phone. Of course the girl was angry however this may have saved her life.

In the two years since My Mobile Watchdog has been available, police have arrested 180 people who texted inappropriate messages to kids. The program tracks pictures, messages and tells parents if a phone number they haven’t approved is calling. All of this information is sent to the parents’ account.

My Mobile Watchdog is available in 12 jurisdictions across the country. Police use it for surveillance service and have arrested 315 predators. Ninety percent of the arrested predators did not have previous criminal records.
This service is affordable – $9.95 per month for up to five children per family.

The technology currently works with smart phones but the company is working with other cell carriers to make the service cheaper and more accessible.

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