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Homegrown medical marijuana poses risks to children

Posted in Illegal Drugs May 26th, 2010 @ 11:12 am

Many states have legalized growing and distributing medical marijuana but now are facing consequences that they have not counted on. Take for example in Colorado, entrepreneurs are finding that all they need are seeds, soil and a few supplies to make money in growing marijuana and selling it to legal medical marijuana dispensaries. People in nice suburban homes are jumping on the bandwagon to make money during these hard economic times.

However, there are risks in this lucrative pot growing operations. Because they are growing the marijuana in their homes, children are often at risk in these homes. According to the Denver North Metro Task Force, it’s not unusual to see hundreds of pot plants being grown in homes. Conditions in these homes where children live are exposed to chemicals necessary to grow marijuana indoors. These chemicals can trigger mold and even high carbon monoxide levels. Would you like to live and raise your children in a greenhouse day after day? That is what essentially is happening during marijuana growing operations.

Health providers have found young children sick from ingesting marijuana as well as respiratory problems in children. Some parents are even sharing smoking pot with their young children in their home.

A marijuana grow house can also require up to 10 times the electricity of a regular house making these homes a time bomb. There are fire hazards and trip hazards. In a grow house water is running through and over electrical outlets. Many growers get their power from their electrical boxes by tapping into their neighbor’s electrical boxes.

Finally, the consequence of growing marijuana in a home leads to more crime in the neighborhood. Not only are parents growing marijuana but also other drugs have been found in the home.

As long as there is a demand for marijuana whether legal or illegal, growing marijuana is an easy money-making machine. In Colorado, the legislature is trying to regulate the medical marijuana industry. A bill to be signed by the governor requires dispensaries to grow the majority of their own marijuana. However, some opponents of the bill feel that this will only fuel the black market for homegrown marijuana that will endanger children in the home.

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