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Dog the Bounty Hunter knew the recently captured criminal

Posted in Misc Crime May 7th, 2010 @ 8:42 am

According to a Denver, Colorado, police report 27-year-old Jerrad Lowell Leonard of Commerce City, Colorado, was arrested after a series of hit-and-run crashes that injured six people. This was the same man that Dog the Bounty Hunter Chapman captured in 2006 and turned over to authorities.

At the time, Dog told Mr. Leonard that he had a chance to turn his life around – to go away from the “dark side and straighten up”. Leonard served his time and had a job at a Taco Bell. But last week, Leonard must have once again turned to the “dark side.”

Police arrested him for driving under restraint, driving without a license, duty to report an accident, duty to give information and aid, driving without proof of insurance, DUI and reckless driving charges. He sped down a busy street at 80 mph in an Expedition, caused four crashes, including a police car, and injured six people and himself. When he hit a police cruiser, he injured a suspect who was in the back seat and then sped off hitting two other vehicles and injuring three people inside one of them. Authorities say Leonard continued on, hitting a fourth vehicle, dragging it 30 yards and injuring one person inside.

When Dog the Bounty Hunter was questioned about Leonard he said that all he wanted to say was, “I told you so.” Dog was relieved that no one died in the crashes and hopes that Leonard would get another chance to redeem himself. Dog also said that about 40 percent of people he arrest do not live a life of crime, but the rest do.

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