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Man attacked for his iPad

Posted in Misc Crime April 21st, 2010 @ 9:00 am

Last week, two young thieves planning to steal an iPad from a man in Denver, Colorado stalked him, attacked him and severed his little finger.

All of this happened in the middle of the afternoon at a busy shopping mall. The man just bought the iPad as a business gift. When he was leaving the Apple Store in an upscale mall in Denver, one of the thugs started to struggle with the man to get the bag from his hand. The thief was trying to pull the bag out of the man’s hand but his fingers were caught in the handles of the bag. Finally, the thief pulled the bag out of the man’s hand; ripped off the flesh and tendons of his little finger. As a result, the man’s little finger had to be amputated.

The thief and his accomplice got away but the police are looking for the two suspects. Police are looking at video from the mall to identify these thieves.

Because iPads are very popular, it now gives criminals another reason to steal. It seems that some criminals who are stalking people are looking to steal them to make money.

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