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Identity theft at a bar in Minnesota

Posted in Identity Theft April 7th, 2010 @ 1:01 pm

In a recent article in the Star Tribune, credit card numbers were stolen from a Stillwater bar and restaurant. Police authorities traced the identity theft to the Mad Capper bar and restaurant.

The identity thieves used the credit card numbers worldwide to rack up charges as mush as $1,200. Charges from Spain and Russia have appeared on the customer’s bank charges. Others have seen charges from restaurants, clothing stores, discount stores and other businesses in California, Texas, South Carolina and New Jersey.

How this may have happened is that the thieves may have set up software in the computer that takes the credit card number when it is swiped. The numbers are then sent to the thief’s computer. In this way, criminals don’t need the physical card to use or they may make “dummy” credit cards with the stolen numbers. Then these criminals can sell the credit card or keep the credit card for their purchases.

Local police are asking for help from the federal government to get involved in catching these identity thieves.

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