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Willie Clark – guilty

Posted in Gangs March 15th, 2010 @ 1:17 pm

Darrent Williams was only 24 years old and an up and coming cornerback for the Denver Bronco’s football team. On New Year’s Eve 2007, Willie Clark, a known gang member, mercilessly gunned him down outside of a local nightclub.

This trial was filled with threats and intimidations to witnesses. Willie Clark’s defense was that he wasn’t at the shooting and that his fellow gang member, Daniel Harris did the shooting. However, Daniel Harris did testify and was given plea deals on his Federal drug charges. Over 40 witnesses were called to testify in this trial. Witnesses who did testify said that Willie Clark bragged about the shooting and how Darrent Williams was disrespecting him before the shooting occurred.

Last week, a jury found Willie Clark guilty in the drive-by shooting murder of Darrent Williams. Clark unloaded his .40-caliber handgun into the limousine full of innocent people that killed Darrent Williams. The jury found him guilty of 21 counts and 2 counts of first-degree murder, 1 for the murder of Williams and 16 counts of attempted murder for each surviving passengers in the car. Willie Clark faces life in prison.

Darrent Williams was against gangs. He was planning to talk to kids in his hometown of Fort Worth, Texas about not joining gangs. He wanted to let the kids know that they could make a better life for themselves without being a gang member.

Darrent Williams’ mother was thankful of the verdict but admitted that they would never know what really happened that night. She hopes that this will help start to clean up the streets of gang members.

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