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Marijuana growing may be closer than you think

Posted in Illegal Drugs February 12th, 2010 @ 3:15 pm

Do you really know your neighbors?

According to a recent article several people living in suburbia of Denver, Colorado have been growing pot in their basements. Many of these people claim that their marijuana growing operations are for medical purposes. Unfortunately, it is illegal under Colorado state law as well as Federal law.

One such case was a homeowner living in a very nice part of town (a $637,000 home) who operates a large medical marijuana growing facility. He says that he started growing marijuana for his scoliosis problem. Scoliosis is a curving of the spine. The spine curves away from the middle or sideways. This can be very painful and this homeowner claims that his marijuana use helps him to get out of bed and move around each day.

As a result, he decided to start growing marijuana in his 2,000 sq. ft. basement. He obtained a medical marijuana license to sell his pot. He claims that this operation is worth $500,000 and he is looking forward to higher profits this year. Of course, he is also smoking some of his profits away as well.

When you step into his house, the powerful smell of marijuana fills every room. There is no smell on the outside because he has installed a maze of ducts to filter the odor before air is released back outside. His electric bill for two months was over $3,600. But this doesn’t seem to bother him. He believes that he is living the dream!

This is not an unusual case. Law enforcement found over twenty-one homes throughout the Denver metro area growing marijuana in and around their homes.

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