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More break-ins at marijuana dispensaries

Posted in Crime Prevention February 9th, 2010 @ 11:09 am

With medical marijuana dispensaries blooming in Denver, Colorado, once again there seems to be more break-ins at these dispensaries. The latest episode occurred where the thieves stole the cash registers but no marijuana.

Why – because the marijuana was removed from the medical dispensary that night. As a result, the thieves only stole two cash registers along with a few other items. This was the fourth time that thieves tried to break into this dispensary. The first three times they were unsuccessful.

These types of break-ins are part of a debate in how to protect dispensaries. Currently, there is no law requiring dispensary owners to remove their marijuana or locking it up overnight. There are only three security rules for marijuana dispensaries: a safe, a camera and an alarm system.

Some experts want medical marijuana dispensaries to follow pharmacies guidelines, rules and regulations. Pharmacies are required to secure all medications, lock up in a safe its highly addictive narcotics, and have cameras and security system. Currently the law does not require medical marijuana dispensaries to expand any type of security system. This is left to the owner/operator of the dispensary.

As long as the opportunity is there for thieves to break-into a medical marijuana dispensary crime will continue. Will it take state legislators to develop rules and regulations or will owners take the initiative in order to secure their dispensaries?

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