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Oakland, California storeowner opens one-stop shop for medical marijuana cultivation

Posted in Illegal Drugs February 1st, 2010 @ 2:41 pm

According to the San Francisco Chronicle , IGrow is a 15,000 square foot warehouse close to the Oakland airport. This warehouse, believed to be the largest in the state, is a one-stop shop for medicinal marijuana cultivation.

On-site is a doctor to get you a cannabis card and of course sell you the necessary equipment for indoor, hydroponic cultivations such as pumps, nutrients, tubing to lights and fans. Also on-site is a technician to show you how to build your own “weed farm” in your home and maintain it weekly.

This marijuana supply store is hoping that a statewide ballot measure in November will be approved to allow recreational marijuana. The supporter of this measure is hoping to lay the groundwork to train people for working in the cannabis industry. Cities from Los Angeles to Berkeley are still working on the permits and regulations for medical marijuana dispensaries. Last summer Oakland voters approved to have the city tax and regulate cannabis businesses. Thus far, only four licensed dispensaries have been approved.

Some people believe that it isn’t fair to medical patients to spend $120 a week for a quarter-ounce of marijuana while growing your own may cost $1,000 to set up an eight plant system and growing it yourself. The cost per year would drop dramatically and of course, you could sell any leftovers to a dispensary at a cost of three pounds for $12,000.

Leave it to the people of California to be on the cutting-edge. Will marijuana be accepted in the near future either for medical purposes or for recreational purposes? Only the people of California can tell us for sure.

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