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Oldest registered sex offender back in jail

Posted in Sex Offenders January 27th, 2010 @ 11:09 am

In Buffalo, NY, a 100-year-old pedophile has been jailed again after failing to comply with the terms of his parole. This is the second time that Theodore A. Sypnier, who has more than a sixty -year history of sexually molesting children, has been declared in violation of parole. He was convicted in the late 1990’s of attacking two sisters.

His light sentence for this conviction allowed move to a halfway house and into a place of his own last December. He didn’t show up for a counseling session and was re-arrested. His own daughter, who lives in another state, is relieved that he is back in jail. He raped her and another girl years ago.

A Reverend in charge of the half-way house says whether he’s 100 or 101 or 105, the same person that was committing these crimes 10, 25, 30 years ago still exists today and has an unrepentant heart. He is someone that we as parents, as members of the community, any community, really need to fear.

Sypnier’s convictions dated back to 1987, when he was given three years’ probation for sex abuse. He spent a year in prison for sexually abusing a minor in 1994. His neighbors in Tonawanda never knew of Sypnier’s background because he was convicted before laws requiring sex offenders to register with police.

Now he is back in jail. This time the system must not fail to keep him incarcerated until he dies.

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