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State and national murder rates are down for 2009

Posted in Law Enforcement News January 4th, 2010 @ 1:18 pm

Recently, the Denver Post reported that murder rates for the city of Denver, Colorado for 2009 were the lowest since 2000 and the second lowest since 1964.

Even in Los Angeles, the number of murders dropped below an average of one a day for the first time in at least five years. The rate fell 18 percent from 2008, from 382 to 313. In Chicago, the number of murders dropped 11 percent from 509 to 453. New York City’s murder rate decreased to 11 percent from 516 in 2008 to 461 in 2009.

Some of the reasons for the decline in the murder rate are an aging population, better crime tools and lengthier prison terms. With improved policing that includes better crime-scene methodology, more interagency cooperation and better tools such as DNA and fingerprint analysis, the police are getting better and smarter at solving crimes. In addition, better correctional programs today have curbed recidivism of some of the most violent criminals. Finally, improvements in emergency medical services of paramedics and doctors, are keeping people alive who may have died in the past.

However, a criminologist warns that this may change if the economy remains bad. Living with the strain of dealing with a recession may cause people turning to crime.

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