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Are unlicensed drivers driving on your roads?

Posted in Law Enforcement News November 3rd, 2009 @ 1:34 pm

When you are driving during rush-hour traffic, you probably don’t think about the other drivers around you. However, statistics show that there are drivers who are driving without a license. In fact, in Colorado, drivers without valid licenses were involved in 24 percent of crashes last year.

A recent state audit estimates that as many as 225,000 people in Colorado are driving illegally and were involved in nearly one-fourth of all fatal crashes last year. Who are these drivers? They are most likely teenagers, illegal immigrants and people who have lost their license due to driving convictions.

Throughout the years, state legislatures have tried to stop drivers from driving without a license by using several methods. Some states impound vehicles or issue special stickers for the car that has been driven by people without valid licenses. Do these methods work? Obviously not, according to the latest statistics.

So be careful the next time you are driving, that driver next to you may be an unlicensed driver.

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