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Stupid pothead criminal of the week

Posted in Stupid Criminals October 30th, 2009 @ 11:08 am

If you are short of cash and want to smoke pot, what do you do? Grow it at home of course! But be careful, you just may set your home on fire. According to the Minnesota Sun, an Eagan, Minnesota man was short of cash to buy his stash so he decided to grow it at home.

Ryan James Parranto age 31 is facing two felony drug charges that include two counts of fifth-degree controlled substance crime. Parranto lives in a four-unit townhome complex. He decided to grow pot in his bedroom. However, a power inverter plugged into a grow lamp overheated and started the fire. Luckily, the fire didn’t spread to the other three units but was only contained in his bedroom.

Firefighters found a grow lamp and four small cups of dirt in a closet along with two plants suspected to be marijuana plants hanging upside down to dry in the attic. Police found an ashtray containing marijuana, several grocery bags containing marijuana stems, buds and leaves and rolling papers.

In these tough times, maybe Parranto should have quit his pot smoking habit. Because, now he has a larger bill to pay.

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