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Scam emails/websites shut down

Posted in Crime Prevention October 22nd, 2009 @ 12:16 pm

Finally, those nasty scam emails/websites promising money from fake inheritance funds have been shut down in Nigeria. Nigeria is known as the epicenter of these scams and recently the Nigerian anti-corruption police have become very proactive. They have shut down 800 scam websites and busted 18 syndicates of email fraudsters from one of the biggest cyber-crime organizations.

The Nigerian anti-corruption police adopted smart technology by working in conjunction with Microsoft to track down these fraudulent emails. The operation known as “eagle claw” should be able to forewarn about a quarter of a million potential victims.

Victims were swindled out of their money when asked to pay processing fees or supply their bank account details into which the funds would be transferred. In addition, the other type of email scam included hackers who would hack into private email accounts of prominent personalities and send out e-mails to their contacts claiming to be stranded and asking for emergency cash.

If you receive any type of these email scams, delete the emails immediately. Or you can contact your local police. Never respond to these emails or give out your private bank account information either by email or by phone.

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