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Drug and human trafficking centered in West Africa

Posted in Illegal Drugs October 21st, 2009 @ 9:53 am

West Africa has become a new hub for cocaine and human trafficking, oil, counterfeit medicines, and pirated music. According to an article in the Global Post drug cartels from South America and Europe have transformed Guinea-Bissau, Nigeria, Ghana and Guinea into a hot bed of criminal activity.

Earlier this year, Guinea-Bissau saw the double assassination of its president and army chief on the same and recently the murder of two leading politicians in the struggle for succession. In addition, in the slums of Guinea-Bissau prostitution is driving a new AIDS epidemic in the region.

Young people are helping to fuel the drug trade and becoming members of organized crime. The international community seems to be powerless to stop this bed of crime. However, by knowing that these types of crime are prevalent, the world needs to help this region and in return help the world get rid of organized crime, drug and human trafficking.

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