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Was this medical marijuana or recreational marijuana?

Posted in Illegal Drugs October 8th, 2009 @ 9:58 am

Many states have a law that says growing and selling marijuana for medical purposes is legal. Colorado is one of those states. Lately, Drug Enforcement Agents have found fields of marijuana growing in and around Colorado’s National Forest areas. It seems that mountain-grown marijuana has been a safe and productive place to grow the weed.

However, in Fairplay, Colorado, Park County Deputies found more than 1,000 pot plants growing near homes.

Fairplay is a small mountain town with modest subdivisions spread throughout the area. Because of a tip from neighbors, that there were suspicious activities going on at these homes, Deputies searched four homes in two subdivisions – Warm Springs and Foxtail Pines. As a result, police found pot plants as well as six pounds of packaged marijuana.

The only person arrested in this drug bust was Bryan Duffy on suspicion of illegal cultivation of marijuana. Duffy had moved to the area about a year ago and police found 176 plants growing in his house. The other homeowners had documentation under the state’s medical marijuana laws to grow pot. As a result, approximately 900 plants were left behind.

Unfortunately, the current Colorado state laws leave a lot of grey area when it comes to growing and distributing medical marijuana according to law enforcement. The law does not give a clear-cut guidance on this issue.

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