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A County aggressively going after child pornography perverts

Posted in Sex Offenders October 6th, 2009 @ 11:09 am

Polk County, Florida last June arrested 45 men and boys on charges of downloading child pornography. Child pornography has grown quickly on the Internet and law enforcement officials say that police agencies could easily spend every day finding and arresting offenders.

Since 2006, Polk County rounded up four child pornography rings resulting in at least 176 arrests. What makes Polk County good at busting these perverts? The sheriff’s office houses the Internet Crimes Against Children task force for central Florida. The detectives have received the specialized training needed to identify and catch people who download the illegal material from the Internet. Just two or three detectives did much of the legwork in the latest sweep, though more were required when deputies raided suspects’ homes.

The June arrest was aimed at some of the worst offenders. These low-life perverts were the ones trading images or suspected of abusing children. The 45 people arrested had amassed up to 15,000 images.

Other arrests included a 50-year-old car salesman, a 62-year old retired teacher, a 34-year-old pilot, a 43 –year –old truck drive and a 22-year old Sea World employee. Some had long criminal records and some had none. Sadly, there were high school students involved as well.

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