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Stupid pothead criminal of the week (0)

Posted in Stupid Criminals October 30th, 2009 @ 11:08 am by Linda 

If you are short of cash and want to smoke pot, what do you do? Grow it at home of course! But be careful, you just may set your home on fire. According to the Minnesota Sun, an Eagan, Minnesota man was short of cash to buy his stash so he decided to grow it at home.

Ryan James Parranto age 31 is facing two felony drug charges that include two counts of fifth-degree controlled substance crime. Parranto lives in a four-unit townhome complex. He decided to grow pot in his bedroom. However, a power inverter plugged into a grow lamp overheated and started the fire. Luckily, the fire didn’t spread to the other three units but was only contained in his bedroom.

Firefighters found a grow lamp and four small cups of dirt in a closet along with two plants suspected to be marijuana plants hanging upside down to dry in the attic. Police found an ashtray containing marijuana, several grocery bags containing marijuana stems, buds and leaves and rolling papers.

In these tough times, maybe Parranto should have quit his pot smoking habit. Because, now he has a larger bill to pay.

“Tough Love” used on sex offenders (0)

Posted in Sex Offenders October 28th, 2009 @ 10:26 am by Linda 

Back in the 70’s and 80’s psychologists were talking about “tough love” for your kids who were unruly and out of control. This method used consequences to actions, sometimes not very pleasant consequences.

Obviously, the Denver Police Department in Colorado took a page out of this book and applied it to a sex offender, Balazs Toth. He plead guilty to criminal attempt to commit sexual assault on a child.

The police confiscated his 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse, a fine looking car, that he drove to a fast food restaurant where he was planning to have sex with a 14 year old. Just the other day, his fine looking confiscated car was sent to the crusher.

What a public statement to send to sex offenders. The police will confiscate your car and crush it so you won’t use it again. This is legal according to Denver’s Public Nuisance Abatement Unit. The unit filed civil charges against the car in accordance to a 1994 ordinance. This ordinance allows police to target things described as, “any parcel of real property, personal property, or motor vehicle on or in which any of the following illegal activity occurs, or which is used to commit, conduct, promote, facilitate, or aid the commission of or flight from any of the following activities.” Sex offenders were added to the nuisance abatement unit’s list five years ago.

Investigators think this is the first time that police have crushed a car belonging to a sex offender. However, police did comment that there might be more coming in the future.

Minnesota Amber Alert Program receives large donation (0)

Posted in Crime Prevention October 27th, 2009 @ 1:34 pm by Linda 

Thanks to a group of motorcycle enthusiasts from Hastings, Minnesota’s AMBER Alert Programs has received a check for $25,000. This group has been raising money to help support Minnesota’s AMBER Alert Program since 2003. They started out with a small donation of $500 but each year since, the amount has increased as donations have grown dramatically. The group established a non-profit organization, Minnesota AMBER Alert Fundraiser, dedicated to raising money to support the program

Did you know that 2,200 children go missing each day and unfortunately, 8% never return home? The AMBER Alert was first implemented in Texas after the abduction of Amber Hagerman. Local authorities, the media and the public came together to create this tool that today is in every state. Statistics show that 70% of children who are abducted by a stranger are murdered within the first few hours of an abduction, which is why time is of the essence in these cases. Minnesota was the 7th state to go statewide with AMBER Alerts.

All donated funds go directly to the operation of the AMBER Alert program. Each AMBER Alert costs approximately $6,000-$12,000, which includes broadcast and cancellation. Donations are also used to help defray the cost of law enforcement training and education about the program for children, businesses and the public.

Since its inception, twenty-two AMBER Alerts have been issued in the state of Minnesota and so far, everyone has ended with the safe recovery of a child. Because time is of the essence in abductions, the goal is to use maximum public participation to locate the child as quickly as possible.

Major Mexican drug trafficking organization targeted (0)

Posted in Gangs October 26th, 2009 @ 10:29 am by Linda 

A major Mexican drug trafficking organization has been targeted in the past forty-four months. Law enforcement has named this Project Coronado. This is a multi-agency law enforcement investigation that has arrested nearly 1,200 individuals on narcotics related charges. This investigation targeted La Familia cartel members and their associates and as a result seized more than 11.7 tons of narcotics.

Just the past two days, 303 individuals in 19 states were arrested through coordination between federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. More than 3,000 agents and officers participated in this effort. They seized $3.4 million in U.S. currency, 729 pounds of methamphetamine, 62 kilograms of cocaine, 967 pounds of marijuana, 144 weapons and 109 vehicles.

The La Familia cartel is a violent drug trafficking cartel based in the state of Michoacán, in southwestern Mexico. La Familia controls drug manufacturing and distribution in and around Michoacán, including the importation of vast quantities of cocaine and methamphetamine from Mexico into the United States. Ironically, La Familia is opposed to the sale of methamphetamine to Mexicans, however does support its export to the United States for consumption by Americans. La Familia is a heavily armed cartel that has utilized violence to support its narcotics trafficking business including murders, kidnappings and assaults.

Scam emails/websites shut down (0)

Posted in Crime Prevention October 22nd, 2009 @ 12:16 pm by Linda 

Finally, those nasty scam emails/websites promising money from fake inheritance funds have been shut down in Nigeria. Nigeria is known as the epicenter of these scams and recently the Nigerian anti-corruption police have become very proactive. They have shut down 800 scam websites and busted 18 syndicates of email fraudsters from one of the biggest cyber-crime organizations.

The Nigerian anti-corruption police adopted smart technology by working in conjunction with Microsoft to track down these fraudulent emails. The operation known as “eagle claw” should be able to forewarn about a quarter of a million potential victims.

Victims were swindled out of their money when asked to pay processing fees or supply their bank account details into which the funds would be transferred. In addition, the other type of email scam included hackers who would hack into private email accounts of prominent personalities and send out e-mails to their contacts claiming to be stranded and asking for emergency cash.

If you receive any type of these email scams, delete the emails immediately. Or you can contact your local police. Never respond to these emails or give out your private bank account information either by email or by phone.

Drug and human trafficking centered in West Africa (0)

Posted in Illegal Drugs October 21st, 2009 @ 9:53 am by Linda 

West Africa has become a new hub for cocaine and human trafficking, oil, counterfeit medicines, and pirated music. According to an article in the Global Post drug cartels from South America and Europe have transformed Guinea-Bissau, Nigeria, Ghana and Guinea into a hot bed of criminal activity.

Earlier this year, Guinea-Bissau saw the double assassination of its president and army chief on the same and recently the murder of two leading politicians in the struggle for succession. In addition, in the slums of Guinea-Bissau prostitution is driving a new AIDS epidemic in the region.

Young people are helping to fuel the drug trade and becoming members of organized crime. The international community seems to be powerless to stop this bed of crime. However, by knowing that these types of crime are prevalent, the world needs to help this region and in return help the world get rid of organized crime, drug and human trafficking.

Sex offenders living in the lap of luxury? (0)

Posted in Sex Offenders October 20th, 2009 @ 1:48 pm by Linda 

This is a perfect example on how your taxes are being misspent. A Minnesota sex offender treatment facility bought two dozen new 50 inch plasma TVs for their treatment facility. Each one costs $2,200 – $1,500 for the TV plus $700 for mounting brackets.

The executive director of the sex offender treatment program defended the decision to buy the TVs by saying that the TVs have clinical value. Patients can be watched to see how they respond to what’s on TV and also helps to concentrate patients in one spot, making them easier to monitor at a time when staffing has been reduced.

However, Governor Tim Pawlenty has ordered the removal of the big flat screen TVs calling it “a bonehead decision.” The Governor also said that they could make do with smaller TVs.

Thank goodness, someone has common sense and is watching out for your money.

Balloon boy case in Colorado was a hoax (0)

Posted in Misc Crime October 19th, 2009 @ 10:50 am by Linda 

Last week, Richard and Mayumi Heene of Fort Collins, Colorado pulled a publicity-seeking hoax that touched off a frantic rescue attempt to rescue their young son, six-year-old Falcon. The Heene’s told police authorities that their son was in homemade helium balloon that was swept away by high winds. When the balloon finally landed in a farmer’s wheat field, the boy was not in the saucer-shaped helium balloon but was hiding and safe at home.

At first it was thought that this was just a misunderstanding but when the six year old explained that it was all for show. Larimer County Sheriff, Jim Alderden, decided to investigate this incident further. The Sheriff determined that this was all a hoax and a publicity stunt that would better market the Heenes for a reality television show at some point in the future.

The parents could be charged with many counts of criminal activity including conspiracy, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, making a false police report and attempting to influence a public servant. It seems that this event was planned for some time. The plan was to create a situation where it appeared that Falcon was in the craft to gain publicity and notoriety for a television show.

The Heenes have appeared in a TV show, “Wife Swap”, and Richard Heene has been described as a storm chaser and amateur scientist who had involved his wife and sons in his activities.

Is this a matter of poor judgment, publicity stunt for notoriety or just plain stupidity? Whatever you call it, Heene and his wife will be facing more than just TV cameras. They will be facing a judge who may sentence them to prison for many years as well as possibly paying restitution to law enforcement and maybe to the farmer where the winter wheat field was damaged by all the police activity.

Voter fraud or just a misunderstanding? (0)

Posted in Misc Crime October 16th, 2009 @ 11:05 am by Linda 

Voting is a privilege given to every American over the age of eighteen. However, if you have a felony conviction, this privilege is revoked. In some states, such as Minnesota your voting rights are restored after you serve your sentence and probation.

Somehow, Theresa Marie Barslou who lives in Ramsey County, Minnesota, wasn’t told that she couldn’t vote in last year’s election. She is one of twenty-three felons charged with voter fraud in the 2008 election.

According to the Ramsey County Attorney, they usually charge on average one or two felons with voter fraud, however, there was a higher turnout last year and that is why the count is higher. For future elections, election officials will be working more closely with the Department of Corrections to provide convicted felons with more information about being banned from voting while on parole. County officials plan to hand out information to felons close to completing their sentences, so they know when their voting rights will be restored.

Until then, Ms. Barslou could face five years in prison, a $10,000 fine or both. Was this just a misunderstanding by Ms. Barslou or was it truly vote fraud? She was advised when she was released from prison concerning her eligibility to vote. Even when she did vote, the election official allegedly handed her the ballot and did not question her about her felony conviction.

Ms. Barslou will be in court later this month to see if she will be charged with voter fraud.

Click it or Ticket campaign successful (0)

Posted in Law Enforcement News October 14th, 2009 @ 8:09 am by Linda 

According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS), the Click it or Ticket campaign in Minnesota has proven to be successful. DPS recently reported that the primary seat belt law has helped the state achieve a record high 90 percent seat belt compliance rate. This is up from 87 percent in 2008.

As a result, motorists’ deaths in Minnesota have declined in 2009. To date, 239 motorists have been killed on Minnesota roads compared to 246 at this time last year. DPS credits this decline to awareness, education and enforcement of the primary law that has changed motorist’s behavior. Law enforcement has seen increased seat belt use for all passengers including back seat passengers. In addition, motorists are buckling up their children in correct child restraints.

Because of the new law that took effect in June 2009, law enforcement can stop motorists for not wearing a seat belt including unbelted passengers. A belt citation is $25 but ends up costing more than $100 when factoring administrative fees. Each year in Minnesota, around 200 unbelted motorists are killed and another 400 unbelted motorists suffer serious, life-altering injuries.

So buckle up Minnesota and click it or you’ll get a ticket.

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