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A hero stops an alleged child molester

Posted in Sex Offenders September 30th, 2009 @ 9:40 am

With so much crime in this country, it is truly inspiring to hear about how ordinary people come to the rescue of those in need. Heroes come in all sizes and shapes but this hero is more than just a hero he just may be an angel in disguise.

According to a report by a local TV station in Denver, Colorado, a man working at a Comcast table in front of a Walmart stopped an alleged child molester from leaving the store.

Kevin Salyers who was allegedly grabbing and molesting a little girl in the store, bolted out of the Walmart but Cameron Aulner tackled him before he could leave. What makes this so amazing is that the man, Cameron Aulner, is a disabled man who is wheel chair bound. He lost the use of his legs when he fell off a roof installing Christmas lights years ago. Nevertheless, that did not stop Mr. Aulner from doing the right thing.

Mr. Aulner kept the alleged child molester pinned on the ground until police arrived. According to the story, police are considering giving Mr. Aulner an official commendation. Mr. Aulner said that he didn’t feel like a hero, he just did what you’re supposed to do – help out.

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