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Hate crime initiated by vicious criminals

Posted in Misc Crime September 28th, 2009 @ 12:02 pm

There are stupid criminals who do stupid things, there are dumb criminals who don’t think out their crime and then there are vicious criminals who seem to be the most violent criminals of all. The Sun Newspaper reported that the Brooklyn Park Police along with the Secret Service is investigating an alleged hate crime that took place last week.

Two white men from Minneapolis allegedly attacked and beat a black 18-year old man. They yelled racial epithets as well as vowing to kill President Obama and his family. What makes this hate crime so egregious is that the 18-year old man is a vulnerable adult with the mental capacity of an 8 to 10 year old. These thugs allegedly pushed the teen off his bike and called him the N-word. Then the men about three or four of them beat him, made him strip naked and robbed him. They stole his cell phone and some other personal items from the young man.

These vicious criminals armed themselves with an axe or hatchet and a handgun. Police found two unloaded gun magazines in their car when they arrested them. Police arrested two 21-year old white men from Minneapolis, Anthony Peter Kilpela and Bryan Charles Westerlund, and charged them with assault and robbery.

There is no logical reason for this type of crime to be committed. Why did they pick on a vulnerable young adult? Did this make them feel big and important? This is not only a crime against a person but also a crime against humanity.

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