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Kentucky Census Bureau worker was hanged

Posted in Solving Crime September 24th, 2009 @ 9:49 am

A part-time Census Bureau worker, Bill Sparkman, was found hanged from a tree near a Kentucky cemetery. On his chest was scrawled the word “fed”. This bizarre crime was committed outside of Manchester, the main hub of the southeastern Kentucky County. Just off the highway, the town has a Walmart, a few hotels, chain restaurants and a couple gas stations. Sparkman’s body was found on September 12th in a forested area of the Daniel Boone National Forest that is sparsely populated.

Mr. Sparkman was a substitute teacher and was doing census work as a part-time job. Friends and family say that he was a kind and gentleperson, perhaps even a bit naïve. He had worked for the Census Bureau since 2003 and conducted interviews over five counties in the surrounding area. His most recent work has been in Clay County.

Law enforcement officers call this “an apparent homicide.” Unfortunately, the area where Sparkman was conducting his census is known for drug activity. The person or persons responsible for the death of Mr. Sparkman are facing federal indictment for attacking a federal worker during or because of his federal job.

Law enforcement needs your help. If you know anything about this federal crime, please contact your local law enforcement agency or the FBI.

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