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Small town crime ends in big city tragedy

Posted in Misc Crime September 22nd, 2009 @ 10:13 am

Fairplay, Colorado is a small mountain town nestled in the Rocky Mountains. The past few years it has seen its share of criminals who have been involved in burglaries, robberies, as well as illegal hunting. This area is known for excellent hunting and many outfitters are available for hunters to hunt on private land. However, this time, a criminal named Michael Wright who lived east of Colorado Springs did the unthinkable crime of illegally outfitting for hunting.

According to a Denver Post article, Mr. Wright, who carries a multitude of aliases, advertised that he was a hunting guide and would provide hunting on private property. Two men from Texas contacted him and arranged a hunt with him on private land. However, when the two men from Texas arrived at the designated hunting area, Mr. Wright was not there. You see, as a guide he has to bring all the necessary paperwork and of course be there to guide them during the hunt. When he finally showed up, he refused to leave the landowner voucher license with the men. As a result, the landowner called police and the two Texas men were arrested for illegally hunting.

When the men explained to the authorities what happened, the police found Mr. Wright and arrested him and released the Texas men. This is where the story gets bizarre. Mr. Wright was released on bond but the next week he brought in other people for his phony outfitting scheme. He was arrested again.

Sadly, everyone involved in his scheme was stuck for the fees. Further investigation revealed that the licenses he sold were stolen and he forged DOW (Department of Wildlife) papers that where from a prior hunting season. In addition, Wright had prior felony convictions. However, he was still carrying a gun, which is illegal. As a result, Wright faced a number of other charges and that may have been too much for him to handle. He hung himself in jail.

During this hunting season, DOW is cautioning hunters to find reputable outfitters. You can check their references at the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies web site to make sure your hunting outfitter is registered. However, if you go with an unregulated outfitter, you probably won’t get your money back and you will face criminal charges that may stop you from hunting in the future.

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