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Online sexual predators captured on Spanish speaking web sites

Posted in Sex Offenders September 15th, 2009 @ 10:28 am

Police have been very aggressive in capturing online sexual predators. However, several Spanish-speaking web sites have flown under the radar until now. In Denver, Colorado, The Jefferson County Child Sex Offender Internet Investigators Unit has turned their attention to sex predators on one of the largest web site – Univision TV. According to a report by a local news station, police have arrested more than a dozen men in recent months.

These perverts log onto chat rooms on the Univision TV Spanish web site in Denver and look for young girls under the age of 15 to chat with in Spanish. An investigator posing as a young girl within minutes had numerous sexual predators hitting on her. Conversations start casually and then become sexual. One man even asked the investigator to call him on his cell phone to arrange a meeting. He also sent pictures of his private parts to her cell phone.

According to the TV report, most of the sex predators are illegal immigrants. When caught they are arrested and bond out and many leave the country or blend into the community. Then police have a difficult time finding them. However, this doesn’t deter the investigative unit that is still committed to aggressively finding and capturing the sex predators.

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