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Meth ring broken up in Colorado

Posted in Illegal Drugs August 25th, 2009 @ 11:34 am

A $2 million per month meth importing and distribution drug ring was broken up in Colorado recently. Forty-one people were indicted in this case. Two hundred officers were involved in this one-day takedown.

The meth drug ring suspects face racketeering, conspiracy, possession and intent-to-distribute charges. The Castro brothers, Aaron and Alfonzo, are the alleged ringleaders. They moved the meth from Mexico into Arizona and then to Colorado where it was distributed immediately. They also were allegedly laundering the money through the purchase of expensive collector’s comic books. Undercover police confiscated 100 boxes of comics worth about $500,000 as part of their sting.

North Metro Drug Task Force sees this drug bust as reducing crimes in the area. When the supply is reduced, the users won’t be committing identity theft, robberies and burglaries to feed their habit.

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