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Credit card fraud indictments and arrest in Colorado

Posted in Misc Crime August 20th, 2009 @ 9:00 am

Recently in a Denver Post article reported that three Russian women who were accused of bank and credit card fraud were indicted in Federal court. Natallia Vishnevskaya, 26, Nadezda Nikitina, 23 and 69-year-old Susan Ghardashyan are accused of being part of an organized crime effort to defraud banking institutions out of large sums of money, assets and property using a variety of schemes. Investigators say 700 people were involved in a Denver-based scheme run by Russian immigrants, with losses topping $80 million. Authorities have raided 15 locations and arrested five more people with another eleven people named in an indictment as co-defendants.

The scam used credit lines to obtain loans and products with no intention of repaying the money or paying for the merchandise. They spent $20,300 for a car at Maaliki Motors in Aurora, Colorado using a Target National Bank Card and another $10,000 on a Nordstrom card at the dealership. In late February, two attempts were made at charging another $21,000 to the Nordstrom card at Maaliki Motors, but the charges were declined.

Court documents say Nikitina formed a business, A&N Enterprises, and filed articles of organization with the Colorado Secretary of State. However, the Colorado Department of Labor reported that she did not have any employment income at the time she filled out applications for credit on which she said she earned $180,000 a year.

These women are charged with one count each of bank fraud, and false and fraudulent bank applications. Each count carries a penalty of 30 years in prison and a one million dollar fine. The women were able to post $10,000 bond and a $50,000 bond. Hopefully, they will be back in court to face these charges and not leave the country.

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