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Alleged Identity Theft within the Postal Service?

Posted in Misc Crime August 18th, 2009 @ 1:37 pm

A couple was traveling across the U. S. for a three-month vacation. They asked their neighbor to collect their mail and send it to them via U.S. Postal Service. Because the couple didn’t know where they would be at any given time, they asked their neighbor to send their mail by first class priority to General Delivery at a post office in a city where they would be for at least a week.

The first mailing went well. The traveling couple received their mail at a local post office in a city where they stopped. The second mailing was sent about a three weeks later to another post office location at a different city, but within the same state. It never made it to the couple. The post office claimed that they didn’t accept general delivery packages but forwarded the package to a nearby post office that did. When the couple went to the nearby post office, they claimed it wasn’t there. The couple had to move on with their vacation plans and never received the second mailing.

As a result, the neighbor asked the post office to return it to them. After three weeks trying to locate the package, the package was finally returned to sender. During this time, the first class priority package was only in the postal system, it was never delivered.

However, when the neighbor received it back, they noticed that the package was opened on three sides and one side was taped shut. The contents of the package contained nothing but two local newspapers. All of the important mail, credit card bills, utilities bills, bank statements and other important information in the package, was gone.

Soon after the couple came home, they noticed that their identity was compromised. Charges on their credit card were being made illegally. It seems that someone in the postal system opened the first class priority package and took out all of their credit card bills, bank statements, etc. The couple has filed a report with the U.S. Postal service as well as with local authorities. Investigation of this mail tampering and fraud, which is a felony, is going on to find out where and who in the postal system may have stolen the couple’s mail and identity.

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