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Minnesota Domestic Violence report helps in designing intervention programs

Posted in Crime Prevention August 4th, 2009 @ 1:04 pm

Recently, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety and Greater Twin Cities United Way released their Domestic Violence Report. This report exams the impact of domestic violence in the State of Minnesota. The report was based on approximately 5,500 responses from self-identified victims from across the state.

The report is important because it exams the prevalence of domestic violence in Minnesota as well as other types of domestic crime violence that victims may be experiencing such as stalking and property offenses.

This is a first time report that provides important data to law enforcement, counselors and others who work with domestic violence victims and family members. It examines how those who experienced domestic violence differ from those who have not. The report also shows the number of incidents of violence that victims experienced, why victims don’t report domestic violence to the police and the actions victims take in response to violence.

Some of the analysis shows that three-percent or 57,000 women surveyed and one-percent or 18,000 men reported experiencing domestic violence in 2007. Victims of domestic violence are employed part-time and earn less income. Three in 10 victims have an annual household income of $30,000 or less.

Domestic violence is a silent crime that many families don’t want to report. However, no one should live in fear if a family member has abused them. Domestic violence is a crime and needs to be reported to law enforcement.

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