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Juvenile homicides are down in North Minneapolis

Posted in Crime Prevention July 24th, 2009 @ 11:08 am

Call it luck or call it just great police work, but juvenile homicides are down significantly in Northern Minneapolis. An article in the Star Tribune proudly reported that during the first six months of this year, Minneapolis did not have a single homicide involving a juvenile.

In addition, violent crime statistics show that homicides, rapes, robberies and most other crimes have dropped dramatically in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and many other major U.S. cities over the past few years. Some of the reasons for this may be because of the recession but some cities credit better police-community relations and increasingly sophisticated databases on criminals. Back in 2006, law enforcement found that half of the serious crime in the city was committed by juveniles. As a result, Minneapolis implemented a plan three years ago to target juvenile crime.

As a result during the first six months of this year, violent crime in the city is down 17 percent from the same period last year, 28 percent compared with that period in 2007, and 39 percent from where it was during the same period in 2006.

Law enforcement plans to keep up the work against violent crime in Minneapolis. In fact, crime is down more than 40 percent in north Minneapolis when compared to three years ago. You know when neighbors and business people notice that it has been quieter than usual, that the police are doing a great job.

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