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Have a fun vacation but don’t advertise it!

Posted in Crime Prevention July 16th, 2009 @ 12:15 pm

In today’s Internet world of Facebook, twitters and tweets, police are cautioning people to be careful what they say on these social Internet sites. Take for example if you are planning to go on vacation. A woman from Seattle who uses two Twitter accounts – one for personal and private and the other for business – tweeted that she was leaving town for a long weekend. Thank goodness her house wasn’t burglarized while she was gone.

Police warn that even if these social networks are suppose to be secure, criminals can search for vacation tweets and in less than a minute find a home address and phone number. Many people set up their Twitter accounts so that anybody can follow them. For an ID thief, a robber, or someone who is disgruntled and wants to find out where to stalk or slur you in some way, they can easily search for your private information. Remember, anything you put on the Internet is public as well as searchable.

Experts explain that it is very easy to find people online, even people with unlisted phone numbers. Even if you use an alias on your Twitter account, someone will be able to figure out who you are and where you live. Also, the people you tweet to may send out your tweet to other people you don’t know and they can also figure out who you are and where you live.

Think about it, when you leave on vacation you make sure that your house doesn’t look like you are away. You stop your mail or newspapers, leave lights on, etc. So why would you want to advertise on a social network that you are going to be on vacation?

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