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Phone scams know no boundaries

Posted in Crime Prevention July 15th, 2009 @ 10:39 am

A new scam is targeting cell phone users who speak Spanish in the Worthington, Minnesota area according to an article in Pioneer Press. Recently there have been three separate reports where victims received text messages in Spanish. The message tells the cell phone user that they won a large sum of cash and a Toyota car. The message gives a phone number to call to receive the prizes.

The police believe that the phone number is located somewhere in Guatemala. Unfortunately, one victim wired $1,700 and gave out their bank account number. Chances for this victim to see their prize money and a Toyota car are slim to none. The break in this phone scam came when one victim who does not speak Spanish asked authorities for help in interpreting the message.

Once again, never call back a phone number you don’t recognize. Never send money to an address you don’t know and never give out your bank account number to anyone. Remember, if it is going to cost you money to get something for “free,” it’s a scam.

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