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Minnesota DWI Enforcers honored

Posted in Law Enforcement News July 9th, 2009 @ 11:05 am

Recently, Minnesota’s top DWI enforcers were honored during a Twins pre-game. What makes this an important honor is how these 31 law enforcement representatives are working hard to ensure safe roads for all motorists by arresting and prosecuting impaired drivers in Minnesota.

Minnesota State Patrol Trooper, Kyle Klawiter, was named the state’s Most Valuable Enforcer. He had 184 DWI arrest in 2008. Each year, alcohol-related crashes account for more than one-third of Minnesota’s total traffic deaths. This accounts for approximately 200 deaths annually. In addition, these crashes also seriously injure 400 motorists each year. According to reports, there are more than 35,000 motorists arrested for DWI and approximately 80 percent of drinking drivers killed in crashes are not buckled up.

The summer driving season is an important time for law enforcement. This is the time of year when impaired driving activity and alcohol-related fatalities spike. Reports indicate that during July, August and September in 2006–2008, alcohol-related crashes accounted for 164 deaths. This represents 32 percent of all alcohol-related deaths for the three-year period.

As a result, there will be a summer-long enhanced DWI enforcement through Operation NightCAP (nighttime concentrated alcohol patrol). Law enforcement will continue in the state’s 13 deadliest counties for impaired driving. Operation NightCAP is extra overtime patrols that are over and beyond regular DWI enforcement activity.

Remember, law enforcement can’t stop impaired driving. Everyone needs to take action to prevent friends from drinking and driving. Use safe alternatives like a cab or a designated driver and never get behind the wheel after drinking.

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