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Wanna Be Bank Robbers make the Stupid Criminal List

Posted in Misc Crime June 8th, 2009 @ 1:40 pm

Now most bank robberies are done with precision timing with the criminals planning all the details of robbing the bank and the get away. At least that is what we see in the movies and TV shows. However, these two wanna be bank robbers obviously didn’t take notes on how to successfully rob a bank.

Two suspected bank robbers in Daytona Beach, Florida were arrested because their getaway car ran out of gas. Randall Walker, 38, and Jason Dietrich, 34, allegedly robbed the Riverside Bank in Daytona Beach. They told the teller that they had a gun and the teller gave them money. But when they took off in the getaway car, a Jeep Cherokee, it ran out of gas not far from the crime scene.

Here’s where the police had an easy time capturing the bank robbers. Apparently, one of the bank robbers, Dietrich, really wanted the car, so he came back to retrieve the vehicle. That’s when he was arrested. His accomplice, Walker, was also caught and arrested because he paid a passerby $50 to take him to his home.

Once again, these two prove the theory that criminals are basically stupid.

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