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State Patrol Chief Twitters up Communications

Posted in Law Enforcement News May 25th, 2009 @ 1:35 pm

The Colorado State Patrol Chief, Col. James Wolfinbarger, has joined the ranks of social media twittering to help troopers reach out to the public. His intention is to spread a message quickly and to help people understand the efforts of the Colorado State Patrol.

For example, just recently Col. Wolfinbarger twittered about a trooper chasing a speeding suspect down Interstate 25 in El Paso County. Unfortunately, the chase ended in a crash for the suspect. His twitter told people about the interstate being closed and the next twitter was the reopening of the interstate.

This young forty-something Chief, is a big proponent for communicating to the public. All of his Troopers have laptop computers in their cars. This helps him to post updates on Twitter to alert the public of accident scenes or even what the State Patrol may be doing on a specific day. He may even alert the public about speed traps in an area and warns everyone to slow down.

In this instant communications era this is a wonderful way to keep in touch with the public and the public to keep in touch with State Patrol You can visit his twitter site to sign up for alerts or just tweet with the Chief of the Colorado State Patrol.

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