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DEA seizes biggest Mexican meth lab in Georgia

Posted in Illegal Drugs May 13th, 2009 @ 1:06 pm

Federal drug enforcement agents seized about 351 pounds of meth from two houses in Duluth, GA over a two-day operation. In addition, agents arrested four Mexican nationals, three of whom were in the U.S. illegally.

This drug bust was one of the biggest ever recorded east of the Mississippi River and the result of a two-month investigation. In addition to the crystal meth, also known as “ice,” agents found one kilogram of cocaine, an undetermined amount of cash and chemicals and equipment for making meth. The wholesale value of the meth seized is about $6 million.

Meth, a highly addictive drug, was packaged for distribution along the East Coast and would likely be worth tens of millions of dollars on the street. The Atlanta area along with suburban Gwinnett County has been over the last several years a major drug distribution hub for Mexican drug trafficking organizations. Drugs are brought across the southwest border and along the interstates to Atlanta where they are processed into the final product and repackaged.

The two houses involved were “classic stash houses,” with virtually no furniture. In addition, no guns were found but many of the bags of drugs were in the walls of the houses. Agents believe that the drugs seized were part of a larger shipment.

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