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There are criminals among us

Posted in Misc Crime May 4th, 2009 @ 1:58 pm

Who would have thought a nice looking young man would be a serial robber and a murderer? That is exactly who Philip Markoff was. He is known as the Craigslist killer and robber. He robbed and murdered a woman who he met on Craigslist. This 23 year old was a medical student accused in Boston of killing a masseuse and robbing another woman in Rhode Island.

Markoff’s friends, family and even his fiancée didn’t believe he was capable of doing this. But Markoff had a dark side that no one knew. Many of you probably never knew a criminal or murderer. But they are among us.

Take for example, Bob Spangler, a mild mannered man who killed his first wife and children and killed his third wife by pushing her into the Grand Canyon. Bob Spangler was known as the “Black Widower.” He did “normal” things anyone would do. He went to work, lived a quiet life and even refereed youth soccer teams. I remember meeting Bob Spangler in the mid 1990’s. I was in charge of assigning referees for my club soccer team and talked with him on the phone many times. I even met him and found him to be quiet and unassuming. Little did I know that he was a murderer.

In 2000, Spangler was diagnosed with cancer. He decided to come clean about his life of criminal activity. Bob Spangler died in prison at the Federal Corrections Medical Center in Springfield, Missouri on August 5, 2001.

This just shows that there are criminals and murderers living among us. Maybe that quiet neighbor or a co-worker who seems unassuming and “nice” just may have a dark side to their personality.

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