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Cocaine Pipeline busted in Minnesota

Posted in Illegal Drugs April 29th, 2009 @ 10:51 am

The Star Tribune recently reported that a high volume cocaine pipeline into Minnesota was busted in early morning raids by Federal agents. The agents arrested traffickers connected to Mexico’s Gulf Cartel, one of the most violent crime syndicates in Mexico.

Federal indictments were issued for 26 for people in Minnesota and south Texas. This was a year long investigation into an organization that was run by a mother and her three sons from McAllen, Texas. Maria I. Aleman and her sons, Roberto, Daniel and Juan, lived near the Hidalgo area on the Rio Grande River border with Mexico. Over the last four years, they were selling five to 15 kilos of uncut cocaine per month in Minnesota. East kilo was selling for between $25,000 and $35,000. In Minnesota, at least 10 people in Minnesota were part of this drug crime.

The Federal agents gathered their information from wiretapped conversations and informants. They learned the Aleman’s were directly supplied by the Gulf Cartel which traffics heavily in cocaine, marijuana, heroin and methamphetamines. The Gulf Cartel is a chief rival of the Sinaloa Cartel and has recruited former members of the Mexican Army’s special forces to keep its Mexican drug routes intact. They are considered an extremely violent paramilitary gang.

Federal agents first made an arrest at a bus station in Burnsville, a south suburban landing point used by the Aleman’s ring. There they confiscated two kilos of cocaine. Agents also raided a Bloomington home and a trailer court neighborhood southwest of St. Cloud. The trailer court was considered the main distribution center.

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