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Beware of Travelers scam this time of year

Posted in Crime Prevention April 6th, 2009 @ 4:58 pm

Every spring it seems that scam artists are in full bloom waiting to steal your money. The latest scam is hiring a “traveler” to do repairs on your house. Recently, the Colorado Attorney General sent out a warning about this recurring scam.

These con artists target homeowners not only in Colorado but also throughout the country. They go from place to place promising homeowners cheap repairs to their home. You can find them driving around your neighborhood or knocking on doors claiming that they have extra material from another job to use to repair your home. Of course, they ask for the money up front. If they do the repairs it is poor quality work or they may use contaminated materials like watered down paint.

They promise to fix roofs, cracked sidewalks and driveways and prey on the elderly because this group is more vulnerable to high-pressure tactics. One victim of a traveler wrote a check to have the roof fixed for only $3,000. After the victim wrote him a check, they never saw the traveler again.

These scammers are very good at what they do. Be aware and don’t get caught in their scam. If you need repairs done to your home, get a referral from a friend or neighbor or find a reputable company through the yellow pages or online. You can also check out companies by contacting the Better Business Bureau in your area.

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