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ID thieves victimize a church

Posted in Misc Crime April 1st, 2009 @ 9:12 am

It seems that ID thieves have no shame when it comes to stealing from innocent people. Recently, a Jefferson County, Colorado investigators broke up a theft ring that stole identifications during a wedding. They stole personal information from four people who were attending a church wedding and checks from the church’s account.

Six people were arrested on charges that include racketeering, identity theft, computer crime, impersonation and possession of methamphetamine. The 53-count indictment accuses these low-life criminals of stealing more than $11,000 last November and December. They stole purses and wallets from cars, broke into mailboxes and even a hotel room.

With the charge of possession of methamphetamine, obviously these criminals stole to feed their drug habit. Good work to the investigators who broke this theft ring and took these criminals off the streets.

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