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Sara Jane Olson – no place to go

Posted in Uncategorized March 17th, 2009 @ 9:58 am

Sara Jane Olson was the 1970’s member of the leftist Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA), a terrorist organization. She committed terrorism with this group that included attempting to blow up a Los Angeles police car and helping rob a Sacramento-area bank that led to an SLA cohort murdering a customer. Today, March 17, 2009 she is scheduled to be released from prison from her seven year prison term to parole in Minnesota.

According to the Star Tribune, California doesn’t want her to serve her parole there and neither does Minnesota. Sara Jane eluded police for over 25 years by living a quiet life in St. Paul, Minnesota as a wife, mother, actress and a DFL activist until she was arrested a decade ago.

The Minnesota Senate and House members are preparing a resolution that urges California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to require Sara Jane Olson to serve her parole in California and not return to Minnesota. Governor Pawlenty is in total agreement with this resolution.

However, it doesn’t appear that Minnesota has the authority under the applicable compact and laws to turn her back to California. This means that she may have to server her three-year parole in Minnesota.

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