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Good Samaritan turns into a low-life criminal

Posted in Misc Crime March 3rd, 2009 @ 11:07 am

During these snowy months of winter, it is always refreshing to hear about a Good Samaritan helping people. Recently one Samaritan turned out to be nothing but a low-life criminal.

In West St. Paul, Richard Regis, age eighteen, helped a stranded woman motorist dig out from a snow bank. When he was done, he jumped into the car and drove it away leaving her abandoned in the snow.

The police finally caught up with him, but Mr. Regis ran from the police. It was easy to follow his escape by tracking his footprints in the snow. When he was arrested, he said that he was just “playing around”. This one criminal who gives a bad name to being a Good Samaritan. If he needed a ride somewhere, the motorist would have probably given him a ride. However, to steal a car and leave someone abandoned in the cold and snow is unthinkable.

Regis is charged with theft and receiving stolen property, both felonies, and misdemeanor fleeing police. He remains behind bars in the Dakota County Jail.

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