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Drug cartel thugs in Mexico terrorizing border towns

Posted in Illegal Drugs February 25th, 2009 @ 11:05 am

Gangs of drug cartel thugs are terrorizing innocent people living along Mexico’s drug corridor. Last May in a town, called Villa Ahumada, seventy cartel hit men killed the police chief, two officers and three townspeople. The next day, the entire police force of twenty quit. Soon after nine residents of this small town were kidnapped and held for ransom. Six of the hostages were killed but Mexican soldiers rescued the remaining three hostages.

The town of Villa Ahumada is a key stop on one of Mexico’s busiest drug-smuggling routes. The Sinaloa cartel has been fighting with the Juarez gang for control of this area. A railroad and the PanAmerican Highway run through the town making it a good passageway to smuggle marijuana and cocaine into the U.S. The town is located about 80 miles south of El Paso, Texas.

Drug Cartels treat these towns as their own little fiefdoms. This type of organized crime hurts all the members of the community. They are extorted for protection money. The alternative of not paying for protection is that they will kill you.

Even though this area is far from where most people live, recently, the drug cartels are making runs into the U.S. to kill and kidnap people. You may not live near a border town, but as the drug cartels get bolder, it does put all Americans at risk.

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