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REALS assist in forensic analysis of terrorism and major crime cases

Posted in Solving Crime February 23rd, 2009 @ 3:23 pm

According to the FBI Strategic Plan submitted to the national Association of Chiefs of Police the new Radiological Evidence Analysis Lab Suite (REALS) in Aiken, South Carolina will serve as a hub laboratory for FBI and intelligence agencies. These agencies will be involved in the prevention of terrorism and investigation of disbursement of radiological materials.

Now the FBI will have a flexible radiological containment laboratory where their experts can safely conduct forensic examinations on items of evidence associated with radiological material. Up to now, traditional forensic laboratories were not designed for the safe examination of radiological materials and evidence associated with a radiological disbursement. It is important to properly collect, preserve, and analyze forensic evidence in order to solve crimes.

The FBI conducts more than one million forensic examinations annually. From terrorism, espionage, public corruption, civil rights, criminal organizations and enterprises, to white collar and violent crime, the volume of evidence will increase dramatically each year. In addition, the complexity of the examination methods, as well as the complex nature of the investigations has increased.

The FBI will also help develop the forensic capabilities of other countries through partnerships with other forensic laboratories and scientists. In this way, the FBI can provide the optimum level of forensic services to meet the increasing demands. Constant improvements in forensic analysis are necessary in order to develop robust research and development programs that can be quickly deployed to support the entire forensic community.

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