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Possible identity theft operation exposed

Posted in Misc Crime February 4th, 2009 @ 2:06 pm

Recently, police are searching for two people accused of stealing or counterfeiting hundreds of identities in Colorado. According to a local Denver, Colorado News Station that originally exposed the identity theft, Paul Emanuel Simmons of Lakewood, Colorado and Dawn Philbin have arrest warrants issued for them.

It seems that Paul Simmons rented a storage unit and when he did not pay for the rental, the contents of the storage unit were auctioned. The new buyer, Brandon Michael, entered the storage unit and found hospital records from at least 150 patients, real and fake driver’s licenses, Social Security cards and birth certificates – all stolen out of homes, hotel rooms, cars and a hospital over the last three years.

Brandon Michael took all of these items to the Denver Police Department but was told to just dump the documents. Mr. Michael then took the information to the local news station that started its investigation.

The news station found that Dawn Philbin worked at St. Anthony Central Hospital for five years, and was responsible for taking the records from the hospital. She confessed to taking the records and was soon fired from her job. It appears that she gave the stolen documents to Paul Simmons, who owns Pro Painters & Company. Simons has a lengthy arrest and conviction record in Colorado and Florida for crimes ranging from grand theft to burglary to dealing in stolen documents.

If convicted they face up to six years each in prison for each count of identity theft. However, it is unclear if any of these documents were used in an identity theft. The police are further investigating.

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