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Are these criminals smarter than the police?

Posted in Illegal Drugs December 16th, 2008 @ 10:28 am

Growing marijuana indoors seems to be an art that criminals find enticing. You can search on the Internet to find the best way to grow these plants. However, a major downfall in indoor growing of marijuana is the excess use of electricity. When criminals living in a subdivision in Broomfield, Colorado decided to grow marijuana in their house, they seemed to have missed that part of high electricity use.

You see they were consuming four times the amount of electricity of other buildings nearby. This was the first clue that the police had that something suspicious was going on in the house. When police and SWAT officers raided the house, they found 44 plants valued at $44,000. The criminals were growing marijuana in a hidden room in the basement of their house.

Once again, it proves that criminals are not smarter than the police. All three men are facing felony drug charges.

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