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Another stupid criminal caught!

Posted in Misc Crime December 15th, 2008 @ 11:18 am

As I have said in the past, criminals are not the sharpest tool in the workshop. But when this criminal gave a fake name to the police, the police somehow knew he wasn’t telling the truth.

How did they know?

Because he had his name tattooed on his neck ! Take a look at his picture in the article.

Here’s what happened.

St. Paul police saw two men illegally crossing the street, an act that violates a St. Paul ordinance. They stopped the men just to warn them about the violation but when the men refused to give their correct name, police knew something was suspicious. The one man said that his name was Darnell Lewis, but the tattoo on his neck read “Frazier.”

What’s your real name sir? His real name was Darnell Louis Frazier. Mr. Frazier had five arrest warrants out for him, one a felony warrant for parole violation and four misdemeanor warrants. In addition, back in 2002 he pleaded guilty to a burglary of an Arab-owned convenience store in St. Paul.

Moral of the story – if you want to hide your identity, don’t tattoo your name on any part of your body.

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