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Another identity theft crime to be aware of

Posted in Misc Crime November 24th, 2008 @ 11:40 am

A young couple was paying their hospital bill for their young child’s surgery. They phoned children’s Hospital in Aurora, Colorado and charged the hospital bill on their credit card.

Little did they know that the person on the other line working for a third-party billing contractor, Revenue Enterprises, was stealing their identity. This employee copied down their credit card information and then took a vacation to Las Vegas where she had a good time on someone else’s money. The employee was fired.

But this is the real troubling part about this identity crime. Police in Colorado and Nevada will not be charging the thief who stole this young couple’s identity. Instead, the hotel in Nevada will be writing off the loss. Police sent a letter to the couple saying they would not pursue the case due to a backlog of similar reports and that the hotel in Nevada wasn’t pressing charges.

The scary part of this is that the employee passed a pre-employment background check and it is quite possible that in the future the employee could pass the same check, just because police won’t charge the employee with an identity theft crime.

The Children’s Hospital is planning to evaluate Revenue Enterprises’ response plan and security measures. However, once again, beware of who takes your credit card information.

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