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How important are criminal background checks?

Posted in Crime Prevention November 12th, 2008 @ 11:32 am

Would you hire a baby sitter for your kids if you never met or even checked out their references? Probably not. However, today background checks may be the last thing an employer thinks is important to do. They may think doing criminal background checks or pre-screening is too costly.

How costly is it really? What is the cost to a young victim in a sexual assault case? Recently, a guidance councilor at a middle school was arrested for sexual assault on a child. Where was his pre-screening or criminal background check? Was this the first time he committed this crime or did he have any prior criminal history? If the school district spent the money to do a criminal pre-screening background check, maybe he wouldn’t have been hired.

Public, private as well as non-profit organizations need to conduct background checks on all potential employees. In an article titled Background-Screening Services and Your Bottom Line discusses the real cost in not doing background screening. The risks involved in hiring a wrong employee can put your company into the one out of every six crimes category occurring in the workplace. Can a company really put a price on the potential liability of sending a sexual predator to work at a client’s home? How much money would you really save if you didn’t do a pre-screening on a potential employee who had a record of domestic violence, drunk driving or theft? Did you know that the average workplace violence lawsuit exceeds $1million per case?

There are many pre-screening and background check companies out there. Here are just a few ideas on what you need from a background check.

– Social Security Number Validation
– Address History Search
– Reference check
– National Criminal Search – including national sex offender registry search
– County Criminal Search
– Federal District Criminal Search

Criminal background checks on all potential employees needs to be part of the cost of doing business. Companies should not only be looking out for themselves but also looking out for you.

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